Thursday, October 23, 2008

Urgent Prayers

I come to you today with an urgent Prayer request. Please Pray for me because I found out that none of my HSG test will be covered by insurance. I am ok with that. It will cost about $1200 to $2,000 dollars out of pocket and I will have to pay $1300 up front Tuesday morning. But... the more I have thought about it... the more I wonder if I should just go ahead and do laproscopy because then they would be checking for endometriosis along with doing my tubes at the same time. So I called back to the doctor and told the receptionist that and she said that it might not be covered under insurance either. I told her that one of my best friend's who comes to them just had it done and we have the same insurance through the school and it covered the majority of hers. She said that she would talk to my doctor about it. She said the insurance may wonder why they just called to see if HSG was going to be covered and then turned around and decided to do laproscopy. So she is talking to my doctor about it and suppose to call me tomorrow.

I'm stressed because....

1. I don't want to make my doctor think that I am trying to tell her what to do.
2. I don't want to want to pay out this much money and then have to turn around and have surgery possibly and pay out a bunch more.
3. I just want to know what's wrong with me !!!

God is good. He will see me through this. I just need your Prayers to help! Pray so hard for me tomorrow. Pray that I make the right decisions. Pray that I can have this surgery if possible and that it will be covered by my insurance. Pray that it will work and whatever is wrong can be fixed and that this will eventually come to an end for me. Pray for my mental well being.

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Jim and April

praying! let us know what happens!


I will be doing some serious praying on your behalf to our great God!

beth ewing

will do. let us know what you find out.


Hello! I've been following your blog for a few weeks. You are in my prayers! I just had the HSG done 2 weeks ago and I paid for the whole thing out of pocket. If your insurance will not cover it, then the hospital will likely give you a 40% discount off their fee...that's what I got. It was about $1100 total, but it was worth it to know my tubes are clear. I would never consider doing a lap unless I had pain that could be endo...and I never have. If you have, then it may be a good investment, 2 birds, one stone!
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