Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Ok... so lovely fellow bloggers I need some advice. I was dead set on ordering my shots until this morning. I realized I would have to do speed shipping in order to get them in time. This would cost me about 370 dollars this month. And I started thinking about the next month and about how I wouldn't be able to order the meds in time from overseas if I start them on day 2 and all so that next month I would be looking at around 800-900 dollars for shots more than likely. That is unless the doctor would let me make a gamble and order them midway through the cycle not knowing whether I was pregnant or not.

So anyway, I was perplexed thinkiing about it. But then I remembered that my doctor had first recommended that I try Clomid days 3-7 100mg for this month and then move to the shots. I am just wondering if maybe I should. Here are the facts:

1. I need left eggs.
2. I only had right ones last month with Femara days 3-7 plus 2 hmg shots that were double mixed.
3. I took Clomid for 6 mos. w/o ultrasounds at my regular OBGYN office.
4. The doctor said the Clomid might be better at creating the left sided eggs for me.

So.... what do you think? I need your input. I'm not going to do a poll or anything because obviously I'll end up following my heart in the end, but I would love to hear any insight that any of you all have. I keep going back and forth. Has anyone done a whole cycle of hmg? Help! Also, Pray that God will guide me towards what to do.

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I know when I took 50mg clomid, w/ ultrasounds. I had big eggs develop on both sides, one side was more mature than the other, however with the hg whatever shot it could make you ovulate on both side. I don't full understand it. I had only 1 on one side and 2 on another but they were BIG ones. Then I did the shot I think it was hmg to "make" me ovulate. I hope thats helpful. Praying for you!

Jesse and Mandy Peterson

I wish I could help you out, but I have not had any experience with any of these shots or with the UU that you have. I hope that you get the direction you need, and rest assured that God will guide you where you need to go. Still praying for you!

beth ewing

this is hard b/c none of us are in your exact situation but i would say i'd go with the clomid. that's just me though. i think something different might be exactly what you need. and it would save you alot of money. but i'll pray God will lead you in the direction you need to go.

Hear My Cry

I'm on the clomid side too. It's one more month, its already been twenty. One month of clomid would save you money and possibly enable more cycles is they are needed. You've responded well to clomid in the past haven't you? I think I remember you saying that Femera was cheaper because of insurance, not sure? Clomid for me was cheaper at Walmart.

Whatever you decide, I'm praying for you!!! Big hugs!

Jesus, My Best Friend

yea but i only have the 6 months (2 of which are used) until the endometriosis starts growing back. that's what makes the situation tricky. i appreciate everyone's advice. i'm still debating... keep on advising : D


I've been thinking of you this week. I'm just trying to give you your space to think and reflect on things. You know I think I would give Clomid a shot, but just one! Who knows you may respond better to that than Femara. Maybe your body is tired of Femara and needs something different? Love you and see you Friday. Yeah for us! LOL

Dave and Elaine

I'm thinking Clomid too...just because it would be something different to try. Praying for you as you make a decision.