Monday, April 19, 2010

April 19, 2009

A year ago today this little grain of rice was concieved!  I remember going to Kville really late the night before after I left my lil brother's prom.  I had waited forever for them to arrive so I could take pictures and it gave us a late start.  I remember eating Arby's late that night and how gross that Arby's was.  LoL  I remember waking up on that Sunday morning and heading to my doctor's office.  I remember losing my Prayer cloth and going back for it.  I remember her telling me the due date I would have if this worked.  I remember thinking that she must feel pretty confident to be telling me that.  I remember eating Japanese before coming home.  I remember... I remember... I remember.  What I don't what life was like before My Zoey.  I remember my infertility and the pain and all the information I learned.... but I can't remember what I did before Zoey Danielle.  And that's ok..... because she's my life now and that's the way it was meant to be.  April 19, 2009.... we'll never forget that day in history.  THANK YOU HEAVENLY FATHER FOR THE PRECIOUS MIRACLE YOU PERFORMED ON MY BODY ON THIS DAY!  THANK YOU FOR THE STRUGGLE AND FOR THE JOY.  THANK YOU FOR THE TEARS AND FOR THE SMILES.  THANK YOU FOR ZOEY DANIELLE!  IT WAS ALL BY YOUR GRACE AND YOUR MERCY THAT SHE IS HERE WITH US.  WE ARE SO UNWORTHY!  WE PRAISE YOU FOR EACH MOMENT!

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What a sweet day full of memories for you! Praise God for your miracle baby!