Sunday, April 18, 2010

Zoey @ 3 Months (Long Post... Lots of Pictures!)

Zoey @ 3 Months:

Zoey is taking breastmilk still but is being supplemented with Alimentum formula. This made me a nervous wreck! I see nothing wrong with formula but since we'd had all the bowel issues, I really was scared to introduce her to formula. It was a have to case though because I wasn't making enough milk and she had to eat. I love giving her my milk. It is such a good feeling to know that i am nourishing my child.  Zoey has never really been nursed but I have pumped and given her milk since she was able to eat again.  The pump below is the one that I have used the entire time.  Rented from the hospital, it is $60.  I am providing liquid gold!

Since we started the formula, going to the bathroom has been a bigger issue. Babies' bowel movements slow down as the bowels mature but I think the formula slowed Zoey down even more. She has began to have problems going to the bathroom. She has even went as long as 7 days without going. This was a big change to me because she was going multiple times a day since she was born and on the breast milk. Her pediatrician told me to wait it out at first then he told me I could introduce apple juice to help out. She loves the apple juice. You can barely get it out of her mouth!

Zoey has also started staying awake more and smiling a whole lot more. She kicks and plays. She can sit in her Bumbo seat pretty well. She enjoys it, too. She likes to see the world. She is definitely becoming more aware of her surroundings.

This month also brought about Zoey's first trip to church.  I was so nervous.  I just knew that our pastor would recognize us and I am glad he did.  I just hate being in front of lots of people.  But it was great and it was definitely something that we will always remember.  He Prayed over her which was definitely a blessing.  She was really good during church.  She sat through the whole service and slept some.  She didn't have to eat and there weren't any diaper changes needed.  We did well.  Actually we did for the first few weeks.

We also spent a lot of the snow days at mamaw and papaws.  This is our hill before it was salted and BEFORE we got out on it.  It looked this way most of the winter due to all the snow.  Alot of the time, Zoey was all snuggly and warm in the house and looked like this(her sleep sack was a little too big lol): 

Zoey slept a lot but had began to stay awake more each day. 
She took naps with her uncle Billy while mommy was at work.  She took naps with mommy when she got home from work : )
She was still wearing newborn clothes.  The sleeper above is newborn.   Thanks Aunt Vickie!
 Newborn outfit from Veronica!  Thanks V!
Wearing her Pooh Bear sleeper.  I love this sleeper (and it still fits at 4.5 months!)  This is actually a 0-3 months sleeper.  We are just now fitting into those clothes at 3.5 months, though they are still big.  
This is "wittle wamb", Zoey's rattle that I made up a song about.  "I wuv Zoey, I'm a wittle wamb!"  And the next picture is Zoey in her nightgown and houseshoes after a bath.  
After her nap... we lost the houseshoes and the hat.  Cute, chubby little legs exposed though!
After a bath again!  This was after granny, pa, and Alec left on a Sunday before Zoey started going to church.  She was so sleepy and her bow (the one she came home from the hospital in... was starting to get too small).  *tear*  My baby is growing up. 
Hanging out!
She finally has chubby legs!  She is the smallest baby that has ever been born to my family and Michael's family!
Thanks for the hairbow Angie.  It matches my outfit so well!  Ps.  This is the same hairbow Zoey sported in the NICU.  
Zoey loved the Bumbo (as mentioned earlier) and fell in love with her CareBear mobile.  It hangs over her baby bed... you know... the one she doesn't sleep in because her momma won't let her ; )  And that's ok with me.  It's how I want it to be.  Being gone to work makes it hard to spend time with my girl... I'll take every second that I can get with her even if it includes sleeping at night next to her.  
Zoey also got to see Sissy Monica again.  This was her second time seeing her, the first being Christmas.  Oh I need to blog about that, too.  All in time Alesha.  ; )  She was sporting a flower headband that Sissy Monica bought for her. 
 Thought I would include a picture of the small bassinet that stays in my mom's living room.  This is where Zoey spent most of her time sleeping during the day while I worked.  Well... when someone wasn't holding her that is.  This was Alec and Lea's bassinet, too.  A lot of the stuff that we have was.  Praise the Lord for my beautiful sister-in-law who saved tons of stuff for us.  She started saving it before we were even married!  She's such a great person and I love her so!  Thanks FeFe!

Zoey continued to grow and fill out her SwaddleMe blanket.  She looked just like a GloWorm.  (Mamaw had to buy her was a gift after getting her ears pierced on 4-15-10... oops getting ahead of myself... this is month 3 we are talking about!) Do you see the resemblance? 

And who could forgot the evening that momma ran out to get dinner and left Zoey with daddy.  Well... she spit up and ummm this is how daddy dressed her!  Her look says it all!

The following are her monthly pictures.  We do these every month and it is such a blessing that we do.  It's a deal with have with a local photographer who is just wonderful.  So here are month 3's pictures!

Other interesting tidbits:

Week of Feburary 27:  Zoey starts fussing and cooing.
2-28-10  Zoey fussed with momma then puked on her feet and got it on her diaper = bathtime!
March 2:  Momma and Zoey have an appointment.  Momma's school dismisses early and we hang out at mamaw's til its time for the appointment.  Momma starts Fenugreek to increase milk supply.  Momma takes this for about a month.  It helps just barely but not enough to stress over.  
March 6:  Zoey gets to go in JC Penney's in a sling momma got at Once Upon A Child.
March 7:  First time in Church and then afterwards we stayed home that evening.  It wore us out.  I held Zoey from 7pm until 12am.
March 11:  Zoey almost rolled over with my mom and "played" video games with Billy
March 12:  Zoey starts sucking and biting on her hands... could we be in the early stages of teething?  To be prepared, her momma sends daddy to Wal-Mart for Orajel.... he comes back with adult Orajel so momma has to go back for the baby kind!
March 15:  Momma, Zoey, & Uncle Billy head to Knoxville... Momma took the day off work to go get medical velcro for Zoey's splints.  (Zoey turns her feet in.  It's only positional and it will get better... but we use splints to urge it along.  It is due to my small uterus and the fact that she ran out of room.)We also went to the Duck, Duck, Goose sale.  Well... momma and mamaw did.  Uncle Billy and Zoey stayed in the car.  Bought a jungle gym at Once Upon A Child for my house.... Papaw had bought the aquarium one for Zoey the Saturday before at Wal-Mart. 
March 17:  St. Patrick's Day!  Zoey rolls over the first time for my mom.  Zoey weighs 12lbs according to our weighing at home.  According to what I know now ... it was probably closer to 10 and half to 11 this month.  We don't have an accurate on that because we had no pediatrician appointment this month.


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